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Shanghai Knights HD 2003

It’s 1887, and odd-couple heroes Chon Wang (Chan) and Roy O’Bannon (Wilson) are in London to retrieve the Imperial Seal of China, stolen by an English lord (Aidan Gillen) who killed Wang’s father… Continue reading

28 Weeks Later HD 2007

28 Weeks Later picks up six months after the Rage Virus has decimated the city of London. The US Army has resorted order and is repopulating the quarantined city, when a carrier of… Continue reading

A Bridge Too Far HD 1977

A Bridge Too Far is a spectacular war picture. Painstakingly recreated on actual battlefield locations and boasting a remarkable cast that includes Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Sir Laurence Olivier and Robert Redford, A… Continue reading

The Maiden Heist HD 2009

Three middle-age guards learn that their museum has sold a wing of art to a Danish museum. Each has a favorite in that collection, and none can imagine life without the peace and… Continue reading

The Queen HD 2006

Diana the ‘People’s Princess’ has died in a car accident in Paris. The Queen and her family decide that for the best, they should remain hidden behind the closed doors of Balmoral Castle.… Continue reading

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy HD (Comedy) 2011

Jason Sudeikis is Eric, a thirty-something party animal famous among his close circle of friends for his lavish summer theme parties at his father’s swanky Hamptons pad. But when members of the crew… Continue reading

The Last Emperor HD 1987

A dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last of the Emperors of China, from his lofty birth and brief reign in the Forbidden City, the object of worship by half a billion people;… Continue reading

Quo Vadis HD 1951

After many years away at battle conquering other nations, Roman patrician Marcus Vinicius (Robert Taylor), returns to the city and accidentally meets a young Christian woman, Ligia (Deborah Kerr) who is the adopted… Continue reading

A Beautiful Mind HD 2001

Movie biography of the famed mathematician John Nash (Russell Crowe) and his lifelong struggles with his mental health. Nash enrolled as a graduate student at Princeton in 1948 and almost immediately stood out… Continue reading

Pink Floyd – The Wall HD 1982

The movie tells the story of rock singer “Pink” (Bob Geldof) who is sitting in his hotel room in Los Angeles, burnt out from the music business and only able to perform on… Continue reading

Forget Me Not 2009 HD

It’s graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school, should be enjoying the time of her life. But when her friends start disappearing, Sandy discovers they have… Continue reading

Killer Elite HD 2011

Based on a true story, Killer Elite pits two of the worlds’ most elite operatives – Danny, an ex-special ops agent (Jason Statham) and Hunter, his longtime mentor (Robert De Niro) – against… Continue reading

Misery HD 1990

Best-selling novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is on his way home from his Colorado hideaway after completing his latest book, when he crashes his car in a freak blizzard. Paul is critically injured,… Continue reading

Resident Evil: Afterlife HD 2010

The fourth installment of the hugely successful Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil: Afterlife is again based on the wildly popular video game series. In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its… Continue reading

Resident Evil: Extinction HD 2007

Years after the Raccoon City disaster, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is on her own; aware that she has become a liability and could endanger those around her, she is struggling to survive and bring… Continue reading