The Thrill of it All 1963

The Thrill of It All 1963James Garner substitutes for Rock Hudson in this hilarious Doris Day outing. Housewife Beverly Boyer (Day) happens by chance to give an executive of Happy Soap an honest appraisal of one of his company’s products. Charmed by her forthright and honest manner, he makes Beverly the company spokesperson. When she becomes an advertising sensation, her husband (Garner) has to deal with the social ramifications of his wife making more money than he does. Day and Garner are both in good form, and Garner nicely portrays the mounting frustration of bewildered husband Gerald.

Director: Norman Jewison

Actors: Doris Day, James Garner, Arlene Francis, Edward Andrews, Reginald Owen

Run time : 108 Min.

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